Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Tense times continue in the BBC Charter Bunker, where cuts in scope, a.k.a. output, are flying in and out of draft DG speeches.

Could it be that that a reverse takeover of BBC News (a.k.a. the News Channel, nee News 24) by BBC World News is in the mind of globally-focused James Harding and his ITN-bred management team, who care only about monstering the television audience of their former employers at 6pm and 10pm ?  Is it possible that consumers in the UK tuning in via satellite and cable will end up with BBC-international-coverage-of-distinction-chasing-ad-sales, to have a brief summary of News About Britain in their ad breaks, and cede UK coverage to Sky ?

Could this be related to the retirement of Sue Inglish, now in her 60s, one of the BBC's long-standing political antenna ?

We note that Fox News has moved up to the second most popular cable/satellite channel in the States.

The BBC News Channel cost £48m for its content last year, plus £8m for distribution, and £9.5m for infrastructure and support. The BBC World News channel switches its focus round the clock - from Asia, to Africa, and the US, with programmes that apparently win revenue between bulletins; last year they lost £7m. Time to make some noise.

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