Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday FOI Factoid

There are 69 formal meeting rooms in Broadcasting House. 45 of them are on a general booking system, and 20 which seemed to be "owned" by various departments. We are not told the status of the remaining four. Two meeting rooms have been converted to offices for use by senior executives, at a cost of £1,450. And presumably, a continuing knock-on cost when the BBC has to book meeting rooms in other people's buildings....

Mind you, you'd think the ability to hold 69 simultaneous meetings in one London building alone ought to be enough for any organisation. Nearby, there's Brock House, Western House and Grafton House, all with meeting rooms. At W12, there's the Broadcast Centre and the Lighthouse. And a few meeting rooms in Worldwide's bit of Television Centre. Did the Bonfire of the Boards ever really happen ?

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