Friday, June 5, 2015

Court report

To the steps, mayhap, of the galliard accompanied by crumhorns and viols, new HR page Dale Haddon, formerly in the service of The Master of The Posts, was introduced to the court of BBC News, and met with an extension of the moratorium on compulsory redundancies, now set to run to the end of October. 

This example of pre-industrial relations stretches way back, though the gentil Lord Hall and Faithfull Valerie, of the house of Hughes D'Aeth, probably think it was their idea, to curb the wilder ways of Young Jim and his outsider clenchpoops in News. 

Hands are not completely tied; the Worlde Affaires Unit has been restyled for our times. We are told Paul Adams and Caroline Hawley are to be part of a digital-facing diplomatic team. This presumably means Bridget Kendall and James Robbins are confined to analogue activities. Rejoyce, and prithee pass me another flagon of weak beer !

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