Wednesday, May 13, 2015

App stopped

It looks like they're banking on the Beta version of the BBC Store making it to Alpha by the end of June. BBC Worldwide have said subscribers to the Global iPlayer app will lose the service by 26th June. The iPad pilot service launched in 2011, first in eight European countries, for 6.99 euros a month, or 49.99 a year. By the end of that year it was available in Australia at $9.49 a month, and Canada at $8.99. It never made it to the USA.

For comparison, a Netflix subscription is £6.99 a month, and Amazon Prime Instant Video is £79 a year.
I'm sure someone in the BBC knows how many subscriptions they have, and how much they are making from the app. The problem is that Apple takes around 30%, and the rights holders a substantial whack. I suspect the BBC has also realised that making an online subscription service work around the world while fending off Whittingdale at home is not a great strategy. So from now on, you'll buy programmes individually around the world, or subscribe to channels.

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