Monday, March 9, 2015

Women's Day Part Two

So the stand-off between Ol Ma Hodge and Rona Fairhead remains unresolved, after a torrid session on HSBC at the Public Accounts Committee. All the MPs knew Swiss banks were bad things from way back (presumably from James Bond films); none of the witnesses from the HSBC had spotted anything naughty going on, and anyway, they had policies telling staff not to be naughty.

After several pokes with a sharp stick, and snidey comments masquerading as questions, Mrs Hodge concluded that either Rona wasn't telling the truth, or was, and was therefore incredibly naive and totally incompetent in her non-executive role at the bank, and therefore should resign as BBC Chair before she was fired.

Rona's stance was that she'd seen no evidence of tax evasion by clients of HSBC Swiss bank before the first rumblings from the whistleblower, and that, since then, she'd been driving the change to put things right across the company - "unyielding" in her challenge.

Mrs Hodge said "I'm sorry, you have lost my trust".

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