Friday, December 3, 2010

Trial by cold

Bad-boy weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker was sent to Braemar overnight, in what may have been a weird medieval-style test of his loyalty to the organisation.  Editors were looking for someone to experience what were expected to be the UK's lowest ever temperatures - and Tomasz, currently destined for a life in the back room, was duly dispatched.

The new BBC/Met Office weather deal has Tomasz and two others taking back room roles, and lower salaries. Tomasz is thought to have been fingered for the infamous finger incident, and has also tweaked the bosses' tails by turning out in just a jumper to do weekend weather.     It's clear Tomasz enjoys being on screen - can this ordeal by ice turn things round ?


  1. It could be that the BBC is thinking of employing Tomasz as a presenter, when his current Met Office contract expires shortly.

    Although the MO may not be keen on him, I have it on good authority that the BBC like Tomasz and consider him a "rising star". My sources at the Beeb tell me that the BBC stuck by him for the middle-finger incident-- and I gather averted more serious disciplinary action against him.

    The decision to send him out 'in the field' like this, could well be a pilot idea and a taster for things to come. Presuming this is true, it has been highly successful, if Internet feedback is anything to go by-- his large icicle has caught many people's imagination for a start! Onscreen he was equally enthusastic, engaging, entertaining, informative and fun.

    I don't think Tomasz saw it as punishment, he enthusiastic throughout his journey (confer Twitter and Fbk). Indeed other presenters have been occasionally sent out into the wild (Liam Dutton in the floods a couple of years ago)

    I like to think the BBC gave Tomasz this opportunity, because they confidence in his abilities.

  2. Thanks, Roger. The Schaf blog is quite a resource !


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