Saturday, April 22, 2023

Weird News

I've written some pretty poor programme puffs in the past, but was taken with this, about the revamped-yet embedded-in-the-80s Radio Ulster starting in the coming week. (Radio Foyle, until yesterday, had its own programmes in this slot). 

Teatime gets a reboot as Vinny Hurrell and Cate Conway come together to kickstart evenings on the station. 

The pair will be shaking off the day every Monday – Thursday from 6pm with 90 minutes of top tunes and chat including entertaining interviews with a range of famous names. 

In the Dear Vinny and Cate section of the programme they will be asking listeners to contact them with questions which they will endeavour to answer. Weird News looks at the more unusual things making the headlines, while every Thursday from 7-7.30pm The Mystery Mix Tape will offer a full half hour of songs transporting listeners back to a chosen year. The Weekly Challenge will see Vinny and Cate invite each other to try to learn something new. 

To contact the programme email:

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