Friday, May 7, 2021

How change comes about...

"Changes are on the way", wrote Gillian Reynolds in last weekend's Sunday Times. 

I wonder what presenters and producers of integrity working now at Times Radio, people I knew from my days with 5Live, think about their employers today. I wonder what Stig Abell and Aasmah Mir now contemplate as they compete for a Radio Academy award in their first year; what an engaging and open talent like Matt Chorley makes of it.  There might even be some anxiety in the board of Wireless, the News UK division that runs the station. 

Gillian Reynolds, an anchor for great radio in this country over her long career, revealed last night that her contract as radio reviewer for the Sunday Times had been terminated by telephone with six weeks' notice. She also told Radio 4's Front Row that, at least twice, she'd been asked to take a review of a Radio 4 show out of her regular weekly submission (submitted, in the dynamic world of modern print, on Tuesdays) and replace it with something about Times Radio.  

Nice one, Rebekah. 

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