Friday, June 26, 2020

Back to the future

There's probably no-one more ring-savvy in the current BBC than Graham Ellis, now in his 44th year toiling on behalf of the licence fee-payer. If he decides it's time for a name change, then it's also time for a poke around to see what's happening behind it.

From Monday, BBC Radio & Music Production will be renamed BBC Audio - a title last introduced by Mark Thompson in 2006 and dropped by Lord Hall in 2013. Graham Ellis becomes Controller of Audio. We have no news yet on his new salary; he's currently on £210k +.

He's setting up a Creative Development Unit, in Bristol, to "turbocharge the production division’s podcast ambitions."  This will consist of four people. In January he announced he was looking for 60 redundancies across his department, but hoped to create 40 new roles for content producers.

By the time we get to July we should find out what Graham is contributing to the new hole in the BBC's finances, and I imagine there'll be some further restructuring. He's the expert.

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