Wednesday, August 2, 2017


A difficult morning for David Robey, editor of BBC Radio London for close to 18 years. An email has strayed into the hands of The Sun, evaluating Vanessa Feltz's performance as the station's breakfast host since January 2016.

In terms of current key indicator, value-to-audience, the figures suggest it's not working. Weekly reach for the three-hour-a-morning show is down to 161,000, from 208,000 the previous year. Vanessa is currently on £350k-plus a year, but it's not clear how much of that comes from her Radio 2 contract, playing records from 5.00am to 6.30am.

This morning's Radio London chat about the newspapers covered Ubers, Angela Merkel's holiday wear, Tatler's views on the use of "Pardon ?" and old people reminiscing. Technophobe Vanessa ended the discussion by re-stating that she's, as yet, never sent or received an email. I bet she reads this one.

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  1. And strayed into The Telegraph too


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