Sunday, August 6, 2017

Not invented here

If, as constantly exhorted by the BBC elsewhere, you visit BBC Sport Online, things should be clearer from now on. The site is the first across the BBC to use a new font, called Reith, said to be easier to read, especially on small devices.

According to Colin Burns, the BBC's Chief Design Officer, Design and Engineering, (£195k p.a.) it makes business sense. "We also expect it to save us a significant amount of money. We have to pay for licences to use other fonts at the moment, but we won’t have to do this for BBC Reith - so it’s better value as well."

In case you'd forgotten, the BBC uses Helvetica as its main body font for online; unless, of course, your device doesn't have it as a standard system font, in which case it'll probably default to Arial for Windows and Roboto for Android.


  1. The last logo relaunch in 1997 was also given the spurious secondary accolade of "saving a significant amount of money" in printing costs by being in black and white.

  2. Methinks this phrase is code for "we've spent a lot of money doing this".


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