Monday, August 7, 2017

Font dipping

As so, as the BBC installs its own online font to save money, the internet giants are defaulting to the fonts that are already in your device...

On Facebook, if you use Windows, the text is Segoe UI; for Macs and iPhones and Pads, you get their San Francisco, and on Google/Android devices, it's Roboto.

For Twitter, on desktops and pcs you'll see Helvetica Neue; but on mobiles, it's the system font - San Francisco for iPhones, and Roboto for Android.

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  1. I actually agree with the decision, if it's purely financial (no reason to suggest otherwise) then why not make your own. For devices, it's way more legible to use a specialist device font and for the money actually involved, I'd rather have more readable text.

    I take an interest as I spent a week and designed my own font for my website ( rather than pay for an of-the-shelf handwriting typeface. I really wouldn't recommend it for those without time and stubbornness on their hands - how people used to do it with set-squares and the like is beyond me!


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