Thursday, August 3, 2017


Odds and ends from Ofcom's annual Communications Market Report.

Total expenditure for all 21 commercial local tv services broadcasting in 2016 was £18.3m. The total income for all 21 services broadcasting in 2016 was £10.5m. BBC funding accounted for almost a third (30%) of local television income in 2016, up by 1% on the previous year in real terms. An average of over 1.8 million UK households per week (7.0%) watched a local television channel over the year.

The BBC spent £471 million on radio content in 2016-17, a decline of £11 million in real terms since 2015-16. BBC 1Xtra and BBC 6 Music enjoyed the largest proportionate increase in content expenditure between 2015-16 and 2016-17, with real terms increases of 40% and 35% respectively, while at £5.2m (at March 2017 prices), BBC Radio 2’s increase in content spend was the largest in absolute terms, at £5.6m.

And finally, a chart which, in my humble view, seems to show BBC Radio super-serving older males, which can't be good.

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