Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Secret agents

The BBC presenter stuff is fun, isn't it ? This morning Lord Grade, a former BBC exec and chairman, and an agent, said the revelations were wrong. Today we learn his sister, agent Anita Land, has done rather well for two of her clients. Eddie Mair, on £300k+, for a portfolio that includes, er, PM. Nicky Campbell, with 5Live Breakfast and The Big Questions, is on £400k + (which won't include ITV's Long Lost Families.)

Doing even better is Alex Armitage of Noel Gay, representing Jeremy Vine, who, through Egg Heads, Radio 2, Points of View and election-arm-waving, takes home £700k+. Is he really worth more than John Humphrys, Today and Mastermind, on £600k+ ? Could not Alex do better for clients Emily Maitlis and Sarah Montague, neither of whom break the £150k barrier ?

Over at Avalon Management, Fiona Bruce, watched by millions on the Antiques Roadshow, Fake or Fortune and the 10'Clock News, is on £350k+. Yet Vanessa Feltz is in the same band (achieved with ASM, who also represent Nick Ferrari, Nadine Dorries and Sally Bercow).

Many will think Sam Gregory, at new-ish agency Big Red Talent, has over-achieved in getting £250k+ for shouty sports presenter Jason Mohammad. That's better than the £200k+ that James Grant has fixed for Gabby Logan, and the surprisingly-low £150k+ for Clare Balding, with the same agent.

World Affairs Editor John Simpson, with Kruger Cowne (in which he has a family interest) is on £150k+ - colleagues would give their eye teeth to know the full-time equivalent rate.

Andrew Neil, on £200k+, looks low, but then the figure might not include the free Blue Nun and presentation fee for This Week, produced by News' favourite indie, Juniper.

Personally, I think Radio 2 could make a useful saving on Steve Wright - really worth £500k + ?

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  1. Agreed. Steve Wright in the Afternoon ... wish he wasn't!!


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