Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rewarding creativity

Channel 4's Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt will leave her post later this year with a decent bit of moolah in hand. Her total pay for 2016 was £683k, up nearly 12% on the previous year. It was made up of a basic of £433k, a 36% bonus, and additional pension contributions taken as cash. And her salary for what remains of 2017 has been set at £500k - up more than 15% .

She told hacks at the annual report launch that C4 will not be aquiescing to BBC Chairman Sir David Clementi's invitation to reveal talent names paid more than £150k: “This is a heated issue and a very political one... It’s potentially inflationary .. and it’s not an effective way of managing talent so no, I don’t think we’ll be responding to that.”

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