Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reach for it

In the Piers-Morgan-fuelled-world of stats, here's a little loose writing in a feature about GMB in The Guardian:

Viewing figures for last month are up 22% year on year, reaching an average of 2.4 million viewers daily. (Their rival, BBC Breakfast, is still the UK’s most-watched morning news programme with double these figures. But – for the first time in years – the gap is closing.)

In March, another article claimed a "daily reach" of 2.4m for GMB; in January it was 'reaching over 3 million daily.' If this figure is calculated by adding all those who may have watched for three minutes on a given morning, the Breakfast equivalent would be around 6.5m - slightly more than double, by my maths.

Here are the daily averages in the overnights for last week. The ITV figures include +1 viewers.

Mon 1.48m
Tue 1.54m
Wed 1.55m
Thu 1.47m
Fri 1.54m
Average 1.51m

GMB ratings
Mon 664k
Tue 668k
Wed 720k
Thu 720k
Fri 672k
Average 688k

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