Monday, July 31, 2017

In the balance

The Guardian says that a PWC report on discrepancies in pay between staff in BBC News working on domestic output and those working for the World Service is due to be published in a matter of weeks.

The timing device on this small explosive device has been ticking since the hacks from Bush House and Television Centre began working alongside each other at Broadcasting House during 2012. To some extent, each group retained their existing conditions of service and rota patterns after the move - but now HR Thought Leader Valerie Hughes D'Aeth proposes bringing them together. OK, say the staff, but level up pay too - at mid-range, there's around a 10% difference. At presenter level, you can add one or two noughts.

I hope the BBC Magic Money Tree, which Controller R4 Gwyneth Williams recently shook to save Saturday Review, has fruit remaining. It would be unfair to count World Service staff IN when they're such a help with diversity targets, and then leave them OUT when it comes to fair pay.

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