Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Greek gift

For those of you outside London thinking of making a trip to the capital for a nostalgic meal at the old (Turkish) Efes, now re-invented as the new (Greek) Meraki, Fay Maschler of the Evening Standard has been - and you may want to re-consider.

"Fava based on the yellow split peas from Feneos in the northern Peloponnese is egregiously smooth, seemingly not just blended but Thermomixed and as interesting to eat as dental plaster."

"Monkfish souvlaki with tomato marinade, sumac and pickled red onions is a small skewer for £18. Lettuce salad with croutons and a buttermilk dressing is clumsily composed and its price of £9 a new source of amazement."

"The assumption on the part of the nubile greeters dressed as nymphs (satyrs are in the open kitchen) and the solicitous floor staff, many of whom, not being Greek, seem flummoxed by the menu, is that the pricey little dishes — two people are advised to choose five or six to share in the first course — will be some sort of revelation."

Enjoy the whole thing....

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