Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A mixed section of KPIs etc from the BBC Annual Report 2016/17......

£2m was spend on redundancy costs in closing down the BBC Trust. 

Severance pay to staff overall rose to £33m, seeing 539 out of the door at an average cost of £61,398k. 124 of them took away more than £100k.

Radio 1Xtra saw its cost per user hour rise from 1.7p to 2.8p - close to 65% up.  BBC Alba moved from 7.8p to 9.6p per user hour.

Returns from BBC Worldwide rose from £143m to £157m; BBC Global News moved into profit of £2m (from break even last time); and BBC Studioworks turned a £2m deficit into a £3m profit.

BBC Worldwide CEO Tim Davie is the highest paid executive - nudging up just £1k this year, to a total package of £665k.

The report says no executive received severance pay in the financial year - which seems surprising given the departure of Helen Boaden to make way for James Purnell.

The BBC Pension Scheme deficit moved up 14% to £1,149 million, compared to £1,011 million a year ago.

Median earnings across the BBC rose 2% over the year, to £44k.

The percentage of programmes in BBC1's peak hours that were repeats fell from 5.7% to 4.0%.

The BBC recorded a deficit of just over £129m over the financial year.

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