Monday, July 17, 2017


Are we heading for a political re-alignment - at least on Sunday mornings ?  Forums are abuzz with chatter about Andrew Neil's very firm 'Goodbye from me" at the end of the last BBC1 Sunday Politics of the current season.

There have been noises about scaling back by Brillo - he does three editions of the Daily Politics as well as the Thursday night politics-as-cabaret show, This Week, during the parliamentary sittings. The Sunday show must be something of a pain in keeping your South of France property neat and hoovered year round, and, born five days before Jeremy Corbyn, who might blame the self-made man from Paisley for easing off to enjoy a few more of the good things in life ?

And, before Nick Robinson demands to front it, I'm guessing it's yet another big opportunity for improving gender balance in BBC News presentation...

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