Thursday, June 22, 2017

Very different

As the heatwave breaks into thunder and rain, the Daily Mail storms at The Guardian in a leader.

“Earlier this week, a Guardian writer attacked the Daily Mail for carrying comments by the controversialist Katie Hopkins. That was a lie.”

“The Guardian and its writer know that Ms Hopkins has nothing to do with the Daily Mail, but works for Mail Online – a totally separate entity that has its own publisher, its own readership, different content and a very different world view.”

Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan are currently billed as columnists for Mail Online. Which has such a different world view from the printed paper that it also carries the columns of Andrew Pierce, Stephen Glover, Sebastian Shakespeare, Ephraim Hardcastle, Quentin Letts, Richard Littlejohn, Dominic Lawson, Amanda Platell, Sarah Vine, Max Hastings, Jan Moir, Bel Mooney, Tom Utley and Peter McKay. The differentiation is clearly vast.

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