Saturday, June 10, 2017

Top Marx

If these are tricky times for the Conservative Party - governing means never having to say you're sorry - spare a thought for the raddled in-house columnists of the country's top-selling newspapers.

Seven weeks of cheer-leading for May, seven weeks of picking away at Corbyn, seven weeks of column after column warning of the lunacy of voting Labour - ignored by many of the next generation. Now, these same writers relish telling us where it all went wrong; that May's mistakes were obvious, it's just that they didn't want to tell us at the time.

Today's Mail editorial is unswerving as ever: "Labour also owes much to the blatant bias of the country’s chief source of news, the BBC. During last year’s referendum, the Corporation showed commendable balance. In this election, it reverted to Left-leaning type, letting Mr Corbyn off the hook time and time again.

"Not only did it fail to hold him properly to account over the madness of his spending plans, it even imposed a virtual news blackout on his links with terrorist groups.

"Distastefully, the BBC also appeared to side with Labour in blaming the Manchester and London Bridge outrages on cuts in police numbers, while casting a veil over the fact that Mrs May had increased anti-terrorist manpower. "

Over at the Sun, the editorial, presumably read through by Rebekah Brooks and Tony Gallagher, urges a seat at the top table for the Democratic Unionists: "The pact is vital for the country’s stability, to deliver Brexit and keep Jeremy Corbyn’s Marxists out of power. Why not cement it with a DUP Cabinet post ?"

The writer presumably hasn't read the item "Ten Things You Should Know About The DUP", elsewhere in the paper.

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  1. Best tweet of the day: "Tories warned us about a "coalition of chaos" propped up by "terrorist sympathisers". They just didn't tell us it would be them leading it"


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