Friday, June 2, 2017


Controller Radio 3 Alan Davey has yet to write about the station's most recent quarterly audience figures.

He was quicker off the mark a year ago, with an intro thus: Radio 3’s latest listening figures (RAJAR) reveal that the network has performed strongly during Controller Alan Davey’s first year in post, recording its highest audience total in three years, with the highest Breakfast figures since 2013, the highest morning figures on record (Essential Classics) and the second highest drivetime (In Tune) figures in the shows’ history.

And again, in August last year, in a piece headlined "Radio 3 reach soars with the birds", he wrote "I'm delighted to say that our reach has now increased to 2.20m, the highest in 5 years, and a record for Quarter 2."

Last quarter, Radio 3's reach was 1.884m, the lowest figure since June 2014, down 11% year on year, with average hours per listener down 4.7%.

Folk guitarist and man of the people Al is consoling himself with the elegiac poems of Catullus, on a trip to Finland.

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