Saturday, June 24, 2017

More videos

James Purnell's big idea - The Ideas Service - is moving gently towards some form of delivery - and yes, it's going to be a bundle of shortform videos. But with no BBC 'platform' yet on offer, he's chosen to document this progress via third-party website

James' digital deliverer Lloyd Shepherd puts a little more flesh on the bare bones here. is an American website set up by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, which encourages you to become a 'member' for $5 a month thus:"Today, the precariousness of our media ecosystem has never been more obvious—nor has our need for depth, truth-seeking, and understanding. Together, we can build a new model where contributors are rewarded based on value rather than clicks. Upgrade today to become a member, and 100% of your contributions will fund new ideas from independent writers and publishers."

Midday Saturday update: Here's another BBC idea - a short video about how to apply glitter to your breasts, from those fearless folk at BBC Social. As they say, something for everyone, eh, Jim ?

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