Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Disruptive vision

Phil Fearnley, previously showrunner of "myBBC", has moved on twice since leaving the bosom of Auntie at the end of last year.

His first landing was as Global Head of Strategic Alignment and Operations, Digital, HSBC Retail Banking and Weath Management. They barely had time to get the Letraset on the door before departure in April. Now he's Chief Technology Officer for CPA Global, set up by a group of lawyers in 1969 to manage the process of renewing patents. According to The Times, the Jersey-based company is up for sale for around £2bn.

"Digital innovation through design is my passion.” says Phil. “When I spoke with CPA Global about the way IP professionals’ roles could be impacted by platform technology, I really bought into the company’s disruptive vision. I am looking forward to executing the technical and operational leadership that will support the design and development of The IP Platform. CPA Global’s vision to empower IP professionals with breakthrough digital services will transform the IP industry and I welcome the chance to be part of this next-generation technology.”  I'm pretty sure that, in this case, IP is Intellectual Property, rather than Internet Protocol.

Meanwhile consultancy group Accenture have published a handy case study demonstrating their key role in the delivery of myBBC.

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