Thursday, June 29, 2017

Crystal clear

In the new BBC World of Pay, as proposed by HR thought-leader Valerie Hughes D'Aeth, each employee currently graded 2 to 11, will be lifted carefully, and placed, gingerly, in a shiny, new, transparent yet robust Career Path Framework.

2 to 11 are replaced by broad bands (not broadbands) A to F. Within each of these five "market-aligned" bands, there will be "market-informed" job pay ranges, assigned to job titles. They run from £18k to £110k. Still with me ? Mapped across this will be c25 "job families". (I'm not sure I'm still with me, never mind you).

How do you get a pay rise beyond the annual review ? Well, Valerie believes around 3,000 staff will immediately benefit from an additional 1.5% because they've landed below, or very low, in the new market-informed job pay ranges. If you've landed at the top, or beyond it, any increases will be paid as one-offs, not added to pensionable salary.

Beyond that, the old "annual increments", "growth in job" or "fully-effective salary" are gone, and it's pretty unclear how you prove you're worth more than a standard annual increase, other than getting a job in the next broad band. Then you get moved to the bottom of the new job pay range, or a 5% lift, whichever is greater.

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