Wednesday, May 3, 2017


The Webby Awards tend to favour US sites. But BBC Worldwide has done extraordinarily well in this year's round, especially in the People's Voice category, based on public votes.

BBC Culture, BBC Earth both won PV in their categories; Top Gear, made with the help of Brand 42, won the Car Culture website PV; even BBC Worldwide Careers won the employment website (take note, domestic HR). The Worldwide fairy dust might have helped BBC win the PV for tv website.

The New York Times took both the judges' award and the People's Voice for news website, but BBC News won the PV for delivering video - yes, including those vertical thingies; and the BBC News App, produced with the help of Code & Theory won PV in their category.  Ian Pannell's American Addiction: Heroin, made for BBC World, won the PV in the individual news item category. And Rewind's collaboration with BBC Science, BBC Learning and BBC Digital Storytelling to create a A VR Spacewalk won the Virtual Reality category.  Sherlock Live won PV for live social media event, for BBC Wales.

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