Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer relief

The summer will bring new tests for Sarah Sands, now tweeting away at the helm of the Today programme on Radio 4.

Despite having a generous home team of presenters - Humphrys, Robinson, Webb, Montague and Husain - and only 12 shifts a week to fill, they'll all want time off once the election is over, and then we'll see who Sarah tries out. Will she stand by Matthew Price, the programme's "Chief Correspondent", or will there be baptisms for new female voices ? And has she unlocked the Big Leather Book of Today Programme Promises - promises made by executives above Today Editor level, to senior News hacks looking for a nice earner when they come off the road ? Anna Ford, Ed Stourton and Justin Webb all arrived as surprises of varying scale to the incumbent Today Editors.

Nick Robinson had his eye on programme presenting from 2002, and he formally got the gig in November 2015. Who's currently on manoeuvres heading in a similar direction ?

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