Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stick or twist ?

For completeness, there's no hint of 'settling' in this quote from a BBC spokeswoman about the claim for damages from Sir Cliff Richard...

"We've said throughout that the BBC's responsibility is to report news stories that are in the public interest."

"Against the extensive disclosure of historic child sexual abuse by figures of high public prominence, we consider that the report into the investigation into Sir Cliff for such an offence, and the decision by police to search his premises was such a news story and that the BBC had a duty to report it.

"The police decision to settle the claim against them by Sir Cliff because of how they handled the investigation doesn't change the fundamental principle that journalistic organisations should be able to report on the police and police investigations into individuals.

"A search happened, and because it did, the BBC reported it - just as any other media organisation would have and did."

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