Sunday, May 28, 2017


Dame Patricia Hodgson is stepping down as Chair of Ofcom at the end of the year, rather than March 2018. The early departure, she says, is "a necessary fit with other Board renewals and replacements which all fall due next Spring".

For the time being, it reduces the number of Ofcom grandees who have the BBC on their CV by one.

The main board of Ofcom also features Nick Pollard, in his position as Chair of the Content Board. And the Content Board also includes former Horizon producer Andrew Chitty, former BBC Wales news boss, Aled Eirug, former BBC Northern Ireland news boss Andrew Colman; former R4 Analysis editor David Levy; former BBC Newshour presenter Mary Ann Sieghart; former BBC2 Late Show producer Janey Walker; James Thickett; and former BBC Controller of Broadcast Strategy; former BBC News Channel boss Kevin Bakhurst. Eight out of thirteen.

Former BBC technology boss John Varney is chair of the Ofcom England committee, where he is joined by former BBC News reporter Barney Choudhury. Former BBC Wales political editor Glyn Mathias chairs the Ofcom Wales Committee, joined by former BBC Wales producer Karen Lewis, former BBC Wales video editor Hywel Williams, and former BBC Wales Head of Marketing and Public Policy Huw Roberts.

* Ofcom reportedly has wants the BBC to publish the raw number of complaints it receives,by programme. Ofcom's own May bulletin totals some 55 complaints against BBC programmes over the month which, by the rules, have to go through the BBC's editorial processes first. There were just two against King Charles III, and one against something Ofcom describes as The Victoria Devonshire Show.

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