Thursday, May 25, 2017

Only 128 million to go

The BBC's international news and entertainment services are reaching 372m a week, up 7% from 348m last year. A rise of 25m for each subsequent year would see the DG's target of 500m by 2022 achieved.

On the news side of the house - World Service, World News (TV) and news on - the figures are up 8%. Within that, the language services are up 9%, and World Service English is up 14% - helped by syndication, streaming and podcasts. We're told that BBC radio listening in the States rose by 12% over the year, taking weekly reach to 14.6m. We never get told a reach figure for BBC World News in the USA.

The top ten markets for the BBC’s international news services are Nigeria (36m), USA (34m), India (28m), Bangladesh (16m), Egypt (15m), Pakistan (13m), Iran (13m), Tanzania (10m), Indonesia (7.6m), and Canada (7.5m).

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