Friday, May 26, 2017

One down...

We told you back in February that it seemed the BBC wasn't really up for a full court case arguing the toss with Sir Cliff Richard's lawyers about privacy - and now, four months later, it appears an out-of court settlement has been reached in the singer's pursuit of damages. But only, so far, with South Yorkshire Police.

Sir Cliff was after unspecified damages on top of £1.5m for loss of earnings. We may never know how much SYP had to stump up - or how much Cliff's lawyers still want from Auntie. According to BBC News, the BBC has declined to comment today.

0730 Saturday update: Sir Cliff's QC Justin Rushbrooke told the court yesterday: "SYP has now recognised its conduct was unlawful and has agreed to pay the claimant a substantial sum by way of general and aggravated damages.

 "He [Sir Cliff] is pleased that he can draw a line under his claim. The story was accompanied by live on-the-ground reporting and nearly-live footage from the helicopter of the police carrying out the search. The claimant’s case [is] the story was sensationally presented, although the BBC denies this." 

The Mirror puts the SYP deal price at "more than £1m". I'm guessing Sir Cliff's legal team are holding out for a similar figure from the BBC, in a mixture of costs and damages.

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