Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mothership of listen

Here's an entertaining reverse ferret, worthy of David Nobbs' fictional creation, Sunshine Desserts.

BBC Radio 1's watchwords under Controller Ben Cooper have been 'listen, watch, share', pointing to growing stats for the station's YouTube and Facebook videos as the radio audience has declined.

He's told Music Week  “We need to work harder at the traditional ‘listen’ part of our strategy. We have spent a lot of time on air pushing our audiences to watch and share and, actually, it’s time for the watch and the share part of our strategy to now push back to the mothership of listen.”

Ben got the top job in October 2011. Since then, Radio 1's weekly reach has fallen by around 2.7m, to 9.1m - a drop of just over 19%. Over the same period, Radio 2 grew from 14.3m to 15.0m, and Radio 4 from 10.5m to 11.1m.

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