Sunday, May 7, 2017

Morale boosting

Lambrinis all round in the BBC HR Centre of Excellence, Birmingham, this past week, with nearly every question in the 2017 staff survey getting, overall, a better response than last year.

The BBC nearly always records some terrific scores compared with other companies in the Ipsos MORI firmament - "I'm proud to work at the BBC" - stable at 93%.  The responses to a number of questions are combined, to create an "Employee Engagement Index" (you can almost see former HR boss Lucy Adams rolling her eyes). That's moved up, from 67 to 69. But it's gone backwards in two divisions - BBC Studios, and Radio and Education. Workers in both are seeing their regular output thrown to the mercy of BBC commissioners, as the Compete and Compare mantra bites.

And some year-on-year comparisons might not be quite straightforward. "In order to maintain the accuracy of trend information, some teams that have experienced significant restructuring (i.e. such as [sic] dramatic headcount changes) will not be trended against."

Where is the BBC under-performing, compared with other companies ?

"I have confidence in decisions made by the BBC Executive Team"

"The BBC, as a whole, behaves as though we are one BBC"

"I'm satisfied with my current role"

"I'm rewarded fairly for what I do, through pay, benefits and flexible options".

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