Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Ofcom's May bulletin is the first to cover complaints against the BBC for failings of "due accuracy" or "due impartiality/bias".

To the mild irritation of the BBC, it publishes them in terms of numbers of "raw" complaints - and these should go through the BBC's own complaints procedure first, before Ofcom can take them up.

So we have a list of around 40 complaints in the due accuracy/impartiality list, with no idea if they're frivolous or well-founded, which isn't helpful. And whilst most are against network tv bulletins, they run the range of Reporting Scotland, Panorama, Question Time, Today, PM, The Stephen Nolan Show and FA Cup Match of The Day.

For balance, in the complaints lodged on due accuracy/impartiality but unassessed by Ofcom, we also have 10 against various Sky News programmes, two against ITV News, two against STV News, three against LBC, and one against Sky Sports' Gillette Soccer Saturday.

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