Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Big Questions Answered

Fans of Raymond Baxter, James Burke and William Woollard will be disappointed that today's BBC anouncement under the banner of Tomorrow's World does not mark a return for the weekly tv science magazine, but is another initiative altogether.  It's yet another BBC-led partnership - the Science Museum is renaming its contemporary science area 'Tomorrow's World'; the Wellcome Trust, the Royal Society and The Open University are also taking part.

New programmes under the banner include The Innovators, a Sarah Montague interview series on Radio 4; a BBC2 series on operations at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, a one-off from Professor Stephen Hawking for BBC2 on why the human race needs to find a new planet within one hundred years; some BBC2 interactivity on Britain's Greatest Invention; and, almost inevitably a new Digital Hub, "curated daily", whatever that means.  Other returning series will get the banner, too.

The season has a Twitter account @TWBBC, which rather definitively promises "Life's big questions answered." James Purnell, wearing his Education beard, is involved, and presumably provides the religious expertise required to those previously insoluble human dilemmas. Why not pose him a few tricky ones now ?

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