Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Better off

Is it too crowded on the bridge of the ocean-going liner that is BBC Radio ?

With James Purnell as Commodore and Bob Shennan as Captain, we still have Graham Ellis, as No 2 - Deputy Director of Radio.

Graham's hectic timetable includes duties as Royal Liaison Officer (not a good time to change horses there), and now adviser to The Vatican, as one of a group of media worthies appointed by The Pope last month as 'Consulters of the Secretariat for Communication'.

Earlier this month he was re-elected for a third term as Chairman of the European Broadcasting Union's Radio Committee, at their 23rd Assembly in Pilsen, home of Czech lager. He said it was an honour and a privilege: “We live in tricky times. The more we hang together, the better off we shall be.”

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