Wednesday, May 17, 2017


We noted back in March the vital work of BBC HR operative Adam Hodgkinson, shared at a conference in Barcelona, about dragging Auntie into the world of 'true blended learning'.

Since then, there's been a cascade of Freedom of Information enquiries, seeking to learn more about this emerging thought leader. Mostly have been dead-batted. Now comes one which answers questions about claims on Adam's public Linkedin profile, and it's a hoot. Here's a sample, but do try the whole thing.

5. Analysing, reviewing and re-designing HR development pages and content - please outline the changes made. 

Adam is accountable for all HR Career and Development Pages within gateway. He make’s [sic] changes to make sure the words within there are aligned to current approach and strategy. This is an internal BBC system.

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  1. Trying to make the words make sense..That is a new approach. Blended like a smoothie. See HR have still not managed to us up the Job lot of apostrophes the Director of HR brought in. I'm sure see was only meant to bring one. Bringing more and using them all up is the kiss of "Death"


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