Monday, April 17, 2017

To do list

BBC managers this weekend pack up their salopettes, lock up the holiday cottages of Norfolk and Dorset, and stick the labradoodles through the carwash, as they return for the Summer Term.

It's an anxious haul towards mid-July and freedom for the long hols, with the publication of the Annual Report, the Cliff Richard trial, conditions of service and Wimbledon tickets to sort.

As the Telegraph has noted, this is the first Annual Report in which the BBC is required to report by the new Charter "the names of all senior executives of the BBC paid more than £150,000 from licence fee revenue in that financial year; and the names of all other staff of the BBC paid more than £150,000 from licence fee revenue in that financial year set out in pay bands".  With BBC Studios staff still part of the required disclosure for this first reporting period, the figures will be scary.

BBC lawyers are trying to make the focus of their defence against Sir Cliff Richards' action the protection of sources, rather than invasion of privacy. I not sure it matters who told them Sir Cliff was under investigation; he was, and what the BBC did with that information is surely the issue.

The conditions of service review, aimed at removing some of the more arcane elements of the BBC's pay structure, has been much bruited with little actual outcome. Led by Dale Haddon, under the transformative Valerie Hughes D'Aeth, Lord Hall and Anne Bulford will be expecting product this term, or bonuses might not be on offer.

And then we have Wimbledon, played out in new chairman Sir David Clementi's back garden. He'll want to go, as will Lady Sally, but how often ?

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