Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday feeling

Dermot O'Leary finished his second week on ITV's Nightly Show with an average of 1.23m viewers. It was a marginal improvement on his first week (1.14m average) and it would have been a tad higher (1.4m average) had he not been biffed later on Tuesday for the Important News Of The General Election. If Dermot is the future, he's still not beating News at Ten's yearly average of 1.8m.

New comedy Hospital People, on BBC1 after Have I Got News For You, had a Dick Emery feel about it, without Dick Emery's ratings - 2.34m stayed with it (12.6%). Tom Binns' clutch of characters have been playing well in stand-up settings for four or five years, but with no laugh-track and little spontaneity, they don't bear the scrutiny of cold tv camera. The hunt for something original for this slot continues...

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