Saturday, April 15, 2017

Employee relations

While we're discussing "fit and proper persons" in the planned Murdoch takeover of Sky, let's briefly track the 21st Century career of Kelvin Mackenzie, editor of The Sun 1981-1994.

2005: Sells The Wireless Group to UTV, making an estimated £7m for himself.
2006:  Hired by Rebekah Wade (later Brooks) as a Sun columnist. Tells the Press Gazette, rather ungrammatically, “I want to get the Lonsdale Belt for vile and be personally rude to as many people as possible.”
2011:  Hired by The Daily Mail as a columnist
2012:  Leaves Mail
2013:  Hired by Daily Telegraph (editor Tony Gallagher), but leaves after one online column is published, after protests by readers and sports staff
2014: Hired by The Sun as a columnist (Editor David Dinsmore)
2017: Shares his knowledge of Liverpool in a column about Everton footballer Ross Barkley (Sun now edited by Tony Gallagher)
2017: Suspended by The Sun, part of News UK, CEO Rebekah Brooks, a wholy-owned subsidiary of News Corp, Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch. An unnamed spokesman for News UK says the article was "wrong, unfunny" and did not reflect "the view of the paper". "Mr Mackenzie is currently on holiday and the matter will be fully investigated on his return".

Mr Mackenzie has already made part of his case to the Press Association: "For the mayor of Liverpool and a handful of others to describe the article as racist is beyond parody."

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