Sunday, April 23, 2017

Drawn out

The transfer of Sarah Sands from Editor of the London Evening Standard to Editor of Today on Radio 4 seems to be taking time.

She was appointed at the end of January. Previous Editor Jamie Angus has long gone, to deliver the DG's bidding of a huge worldwide audience. Yet Sarah was still writing Standard comment pieces as recently as last Tuesday - rather creepily, praising Cressida Dick for a taking a £40k pay cut to run the Met Police, mentioning BBC Lord Hall's hair-shirted salary, and ending thus...

"Cressida Dick’s simple message — “I have enough” — may prove contagious....At the top end, more will not bring peace of mind."

Just how much more than the current acting editor of Today, sorting out the mild distraction of perhaps the most-scrutinised election campaign coverage, will Sarah settle for ?

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