Friday, April 14, 2017


The news that business presenter Aaron Heslehurst is to get his own eponymous show on BBC World News in May sent me to Wikipedia, and the discovery that the hyperactive Aussie's entry has "multiple issues". From previous edits, it's clear his talent divides opinion.

Edited-out contributions comments include...

"deeply irritating and embarassing"

"He is well-known for his multiple body- and facial ticks, as well as an inability to maintain a dignified posture, pirouetting around a set with neurotic alacrity. The BBC needs to widen its net. Aaron can be compared to CNN windbag, Scotsman Richard Quest, whose over dramatic delivery, pronounced Scottish accent and grating voice have sent viewers rushing for their remote controls and rival channels."

"Best Commentator 2009" Daily Telegraph Wealth Management Awards (Voted by three members of the public and a trained octopus)"

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