Friday, April 28, 2017


The release of another quarter of BBC management expenses brings fewer nuggets, but it's always good to who's on the road before and after Christmas.

Director of News James Harding visited Istanbul, Beirut, Moscow, Zurich, Washington and New York over the three months; his No 2 Fran Unsworth went to South Africa, Malawi and Mexico. Controller of Mobile/Online, Fiona Campbell spent a week in New York. Controller Daily Programmes Gavin Allen had nine nights in Palo Alto - sadly, only a Days Inn.

Adrian Van Klaveren, still billed as Head of  Strategic Change and Portfolio Management, belatedly declared a July trip to Mongolia, which must make his portfolio enormous.

Managing Editor Keith Blackmore must have been marooned in London, but also claimed £230 for "membership"; presumably not his beloved Chelsea FC or the Brighton & Sussex Oddfellows. If anyone can triangulate an organisation charging £230 pa, I'd be delighted to fuel further speculation.

Director of Radio Bob Shennan spent four nights in Nashville. Controller Radio 4 Gwyneth Williams took a trip to New York.

From TV Factual Commissioning Alison Kirkham and Thomas MacDonald had a November trip to Washington, staying at the Dupont Circle. From Factual production, Lisa Opie took in New York as well as Washington. Maybe they all met up.

James Purnell, Director of Radio and Education, is perhaps a little smug when he declares his train tickets - with the phrase "advance economy off peak single" often appended. Perhaps he should have a word with Justian Bairmarian, Director, Creative, who had two trips from Euston to Manchester Piccadilly at £333 each.

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