Friday, April 28, 2017


Apologies for a day off. Moving the Tradingaswdr team to new premises, without the back-up of broadcasting continuity, white network-piloting, a qualified change team, floor-walkers or appropriate HR specialists. Almost inevitable there would be a break.

There may be a hiccup in World Service news output from Sunday, where management are attempting to change newsroom rotas for the first time in many people's memories. An overnight shift producing a longer bulletin called Newsroom traditionally ends with the last broadcast, at 0520. As this is before most public transport starts in London, the workers have been allowed a taxi home.

The current, unamended policy says " If you have no means of getting to and from work in the early morning (start or finish time before 06.30) or late at night (start or finish time after 22.45), the BBC can provide transport, within 40 actual miles from your normal place of employment. "

"For a journey outside the 40 mile distance, or outside the prescribed hours, an authorising manager can require a contribution from the employee which will be the cost of the journey over 40 miles".

The regulation warns that the benefit could be taxable, unless booked through the BBC's Transport Service, sustaining mini-cab drivers across the capital and beyond.

The NUJ says that management have arbitrarily moved the end of the shift in question to 0630, simply to avoid giving hacks a benefit allowed to everyone else. Industrial action up to and including a strike is an option.

Where, I hear you ask, is Valerie Hughes D'Aeth's new world of terms and conditions of service ? The BBC told the NAO they had been signed off by the Executive in March, knocking on for seven weeks ago. Transformation leader Valerie got a fairly clean bill of health from the NAO report on the BBC's management of its workforce; readers noted that in her own department, she would only come good in saving terms 2017/18, having joined in August 2014.  Others amused by the BBC's inability to count the number of people working on its behalf wondered mildly about the counting job moving from Finance to HR, as reported by the NAO.

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