Monday, March 13, 2017

Stick it in the blender

I'm always willing to learn - HR types who took part in the People Development Summit in Barcelona last week were treated to this session.

"There are many interpretations of what blended learning should look like. One approach is that there should be a little bit an e-session [sic], followed by some social learning. Then maybe a training course followed by some pre-course work commencing with video and more social media !

"What if we looked at this a little differently? What if the e-lesson is delivered within the face-to-face session via virtual reality? What if the online gamification is happening whilst you sit in a classroom? Then we would have true blended learning in our new digital world.

"Come along and have some fun, share your ideas and learn how very complicated learning is made very simple for the end-user."

Adam Hodgkinson - HR People Development Partner, Nations & North, BBC

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  1. That reminds me - when does the new W1A air?
    Adam Hodgkinson's future is assured - at Perfect Curve.


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