Thursday, March 2, 2017

Numbers up

Here's me worrying about BBC diversity issues, and it turns out it was alright all along !

Lord Hall's speech this morning says "we recently carried out our most comprehensive, most complete survey of our staff - to get the best, most up-to-date picture. It showed that 14.5 per cent of our workforce are from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds... we have already far exceeded our 2020 targets for the proportion of our workforce with a disability - 10.3 per cent compared to an 8 per cent goal."

Clearly the survey improves on the most recent HR statistics published, from December, which show figures of 12% for BAME and 3.7% for disabled.


  1. I hope John Morton is writing this down for the next series of W1A

  2. Am reminded of when Neil Reid – Current Controller of News and Current Affairs, in W1A (played by David Westhead) – discovered that his division had exceeded its diversity target percentage, asked "do I need to go around and sack a few, then? "


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