Sunday, March 12, 2017

Morning all

Are the audiences for Good Morning Britain (with added Piers Morgan) on the move ? An interview with the programme's editor, in online ad news website The Drum, says very much so... "Audience growth of 12% year-on-year in 2015, was followed by 13% in 2016, and a further 6% in the early weeks of this year".

And yet, the overnight ratings suggest the average audience is pretty static around 700k, with rival BBC Breakfast secure around 1.5m. 700k compares with around 800k for the Adrian Chiles/Christine Bleakley version of Daybreak, which ended in November 2011, and the 600k for the Aled Jones/Lorraine Kelly version.

Now ITV seem to be favouring an alternative audience currency.  An interview with Susanna Reid for The Sun in January said GMB was "reaching over 3 million daily". This week The Drum said "The show reaches around 2.5 million each morning". Is that huge or not ? Best estimates of a similar calculation for BBC Breakfast suggest a reach per show of 6.5m - it adds together those who watch for as little as three minutes with those who watch all the way through.

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