Friday, March 3, 2017

Just in time ?

"The BBC has been asked by a number of media organisations when it will announce the membership of the new, unitary, board. The Panel - Sir David Clementi, Professor Elan Closs Stephens (a current Trustee of the BBC) and Dame Sue Street (the independent panel member and former Permanent Secretary of the DCMS) - will shortly conclude the interview process for the BBC’s appointments. 

The BBC expects to make an announcement on its appointments within the next three weeks, in preparation for the new Board taking on the running of the BBC on 3 April."

So we learn that the interview process has spread from February into March; that Dame Sue Street, a civil servant who fell foul of both Tessa Jowell and Michael Gove, but who served with Lord Hall in minding the Royal Opera House, is providing independence in selecting non-executives; and we've no word of progress on the Government side, where Culture Secretary Karen Bradley has to find four 'national governors'.  All is being co-ordinated by both Odgers and indeed Berndtson, who will have allowed plenty of time for scrutiny by the various national representative bodies, and, one hopes, CRB/DBS checks.

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