Friday, March 10, 2017

It was all going so well...

Excellent. A diverse range of skills was the mantra for non-executives needed for the new BBC Board. So far, we have a largely-retired 70-year-old white male Scottish tv executive, born to a Jewish family in Glasgow, speaking for Scotland, and a 57-year-old campaigning lesbian management consultant now working a handsome NED portfolio from an apartment on the west of Canary Wharf, but originally from Midsomer Norton, minding the interests of English licence-fee payers.

Will we ever find out who was the DCMS choice for Wales ? The Welsh Government has rejected the preferred candidate, understood to have "significant experience in broadcasting and governance", and smiled on by Welsh civil servants early in the process. So now the recruitment is re-opened. Meanwhile, the DCMS can't be bothered to start on finding someone for Northern Ireland until there's a new Northern Ireland Executive in place.

At this rate, Big Dave Clementi, Lord Hall and the three other BBC Executives could start the first Board meeting with a handsome majority....

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  1. "BBC Executives could start the first Board meeting with a handsome majority...."

    Time to push through BBC+1 and other such malarkey then!


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